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We’ve been investors and operators in unicorns across the US and Europe, so we know what it takes to build for hyper-growth. Fierce determination, bold ambition and willingness to go after hard challenges.

When we find it, we don’t hesitate to give founders the backing they need to succeed.

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“As an early-stage start-up we knew how important choosing the right investors would be to our long-term success. We chose to work with Blossom because the entire team has an innate understanding of the problems we're trying to solve and is passionate about helping us grow the way we want to. Blossom isn’t just our investor and adviser, the partners are friends and an important part of our team.”

Eoin Hinchy, founder Tines

“The Blossom team have been true partners since the early days of Duffel, long before they invested. They are incredibly talented, generous with their time, and don't mind getting their hands dirty - precisely what you need in the early days. They are a game changer in the European VC ecosystem. We couldn't be more proud to be part of their portfolio.”

Steve Domin, founder and CEO Duffel

“Everyone at Blossom has incredible energy and they really understand both our goals and how to get the best out of us. They are pushing us to even greater things and I like that because I rise to a challenge and Blossom knows how to get stuff done.”

Chaz Englander, founder and CEO Fat Llama

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