Early stage capital is long-term strategy

Blossom was founded to audaciously challenge how European venture works

We’re all in from the start. We commit early, move quickly and support fully.

Members of the Blossom team relaxing outside

We (literally) put your interests first

We believe that a confident and informed founder is good for long-term growth. We freely share our hard won expertise and transparently structure deals so that our interests are fully aligned.

We prioritize collaboration and connection

We leverage our local roots and global connections to deliver an undeniable advantage for our European founders.

members of the blossom team sitting outside under an umbrella

Building new paths
to success

In addition to the work we do with our portfolio companies, we are also leading key initiatives to drive diversity across the European venture ecosystem:

Members of the Blossom team sitting outside whilst working

A greenhouse is a symbol of growth and cultivation. Ours is different. Join us for talks from some of the most ambitious founders, talented investors and, of course, the Blossom team discussions, the sectors that we’re passionate about working in, and everything it takes to succeed in them.

Greenhouse is an invitation-only, annual event for our portfolio founders, LPs and growth investor networks.