Ksenia Kokareva

Operating Partner

People are at the heart of what drives me – I want our investors and founders to have a best-in-class operational experience.

Ksenia Kokareva

I’m a lawyer by trade, but people are at the heart of my work and of how I see the world. My passion for working with the best people, coming up with efficient solutions to complex issues, and delivering compelling results has driven my career and taken me from New York to London, from a law firm to the investment management business, and from a legal to an operational role with a broad scope.

I got my Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School, where I was a Fulbright scholar, and then began my law career at a boutique law firm in New York. I later spent 10 years at Freshfields where I worked on a wide range of cross-border M&A transactions. I loved the intellectual rigour of that work, but wanted to see the whole investment story developing. That took me to Bridgepoint where I worked for over a couple of years on diverse in-house matters, including strategic commercial initiatives and fundraisings.

Blossom is an incredibly passionate, ambitious, driven group of investors, and I bring that same energy to my operating role. My focus is to make sure we offer the best partnership to our investors - who have entrusted us with their money to manage and who deserve the best relationship with their manager. My role with the founders is really similar - I want them to have the best possible experience with us from day one. I work every day to ensure we are delivering a best-in-class operational experience for every one of our constituents.

I’ve always been a bookworm– one of the most powerful books I read before joining Blossom was “Four Thousand Weeks”. That represents the average lifespan of a person, and it really makes you think, doesn’t it? It reminded me how essential it is to do what’s meaningful and lead with purpose. That same sense of purpose is what drew me to Blossom. Being able to support the most talented entrepreneurs on their journey– while simultaneously being a part of Blossom’s own exciting entrepreneurial journey alongside our investors – is something that truly inspires me.