James Knox

Chief Financial Officer

I firmly believe that a well-structured finance discipline serves as a catalyst for growth.

James Knox

I'm drawn to intelligent individuals with ambitious goals and the passion and energy to bring them to fruition. This is precisely what attracted me to Blossom and the European Venture community at large. As an accountant, it may seem counterintuitive to focus that much on the human side of work, but for me it is paramount to be part of a motivated and determined team.

The precision and logic inherent in numbers have long held my fascination, and I possess a genuine passion for accuracy. There is real satisfaction in arriving at the 'correct' answer. However, more importantly, I firmly believe that a well-structured finance discipline serves as a catalyst for growth for our portfolio companies and our funds alike. It not only guides strategic decisions and ensures efficient resource allocation, but also manages risks, measures performance and instills investor confidence. Moreover, it ensures compliance, facilitates access to capital, enhances cost efficiency, and optimises cash flow. My role is to provide clarity and stability to all of Blossom's stakeholders.

Having grown up between Edinburgh, York and Paris, I read Natural Sciences at Durham University. My career took me to chartered accountancy at KPMG in London before moving into private equity at 3i. Following this, I was a Financial Controller in a smaller closely-knit investment management team and, most recently, I was the Head of Finance at iCON Infrastructure LLP. Over the past 15 years, I have witnessed firsthand what it looks like for an investor to genuinely add value to a portfolio company and to be a responsible custodian of investments. Whether I am interacting with our founders and finance teams at our portfolio companies, working on fund matters or reporting to our investors, I bring a high level of professionalism and financial rigour and continually prioritise making a positive impact in everything I undertake. I believe in Blossom and feel honoured to be a part of their story.