Louise Samet


I joined Blossom to work with a VC that moves as fast as the startups it funds.

Much like my investments, my biggest career moves were based on strong conviction. After hearing Klarna’s lead investor describe the founding team in 2010, I instantly knew that was where I wanted to be. Fortunately they agreed.

During my time in tech sales the department grew from just two to a 50+ person team in eight different markets. I knew I had to grow faster than the organization to be able to keep up. It was an amazing, roller-coaster ride.

Since leaving Klarna I’ve focused on creating the kind of startup ecosystem I want to work in. I soon realized that many teams were going through challenges very similar to the ones I’d previously faced, so I was able to offer advice and become an active angel investor.

Some of the most impressive people I know let me invest in their companies and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a tiny part of their journey.

I know we can reach beyond the imaginable, when we challenge each other and just don’t stop.