Kim Goddard

Talent Partner

We believe in Europe and want to show the world what’s possible here.

Kim Goddard

I started in agency recruitment but soon realised that if you wanted to build world-class teams then you needed to be at the heart of hiring; recruiting internally. I've always been one of those relentlessly obsessive and curious people and, lucky for me, talent is a career where those traits are not only beneficial but actually championed.

As my career progressed I wanted to understand how big companies did things, so I went to Facebook and worked on building their initial product teams in London. After understanding how Facebook built their teams it felt natural to take those learnings and  focus on helping earlier stage businesses navigate their own scaling challenges.

Helping advise early stage companies on how to build and manage their teams has always excited me. Building a great talent foundation at an early stage is such an essential part of a businesses future success and can lead to a real competitive advantage. I find supporting companies on that journey to be incredibly rewarding.

At Blossom, we have a relentless desire to win on behalf of our founders. Supporting them beyond the capital investment is essential. We drive value by helping them understand, execute, build, and manage incredible teams at the early stage and as they grow. It’s something we take great pride in.  

Europe has been a maturing talent market for some time and gone are the days where the best teams reside solely in the US. We believe in Europe and want to show the world what’s possible here.