I joined Blossom to become part of a young innovative team intent on shaking things up; a unique team who will inspire change and growth across Europe.

My route into venture is non-traditional but natural. I previously worked for one of the most creative events companies. We took a completely different approach to the way events were planned. We focused on the client’s passions and energy to shape our designs. It was all about understanding their personalities and visions and I believe Blossom is doing something very similar in the venture world, for their founders.

During my time there I created whole new worlds in six weeks, from initial enquiry to event date. This included orchestrating and managing the build of a dining space replicating the rolling hills of Oxfordshire, including hanging a ten tonne wild meadow over the dance floor. Such ambitious and challenging projects have given me the confidence to manage a team to bring a client’s vision to life over and over again, often with the shortest of lead times.

After successfully executing the most challenging event of my career — a week long party on a remote island — I came back to London with a renewed hunger for learning. To achieve this level of continuous learning was going to mean a big change. So when the opportunity came to work at Blossom, I jumped.

Having lots of experience working with suppliers and contractors of every size, from sole traders to large businesses, I have seen companies thrive and some, unfortunately fail. I truly believe that the successful companies were the ones that stayed true to their founders’ beliefs. This is something I will strive to ensure Blossom achieves.