Our experience is extensive and eclectic. We’ve been there at the beginning and worked through the triumphs and the defeats, day after day. It’s what we thrive on. And we can’t wait to do it all over again with you.

What we’ve done

We’ve worked in tech for the last 20 years, building companies across Asia, Europe and in the US. We’ve built companies from inception to explosive growth.

We are passionate, ambitious and driven. We want to change things.

How we can help you

We believe in practical value. We’ll be there at the times of greatest leverage. We’ll be your sales team and your recruiters. We’ll work the phones to get you just the right engineering hire. We’ll help you craft your pitch deck. We’ll do whatever it takes.

I joined Blossom to become part of a young innovative team intent on shaking things up; a unique team who will inspire change and growth across Europe.

My route into venture is non-traditional but natural. I previously worked for one of the most creative events companies. We took a completely different approach to the way events were planned. We focused on the client’s passions and energy to shape our designs. It was all about understanding their personalities and visions and I believe Blossom is doing something very similar in the venture world, for their founders.

During my time there I created whole new worlds in six weeks, from initial enquiry to event date. This included orchestrating and managing the build of a dining space replicating the rolling hills of Oxfordshire, including hanging a ten tonne wild meadow over the dance floor. Such ambitious and challenging projects have given me the confidence to manage a team to bring a client’s vision to life over and over again, often with the shortest of lead times.

After successfully executing the most challenging event of my career — a week long party on a remote island — I came back to London with a renewed hunger for learning. To achieve this level of continuous learning was going to mean a big change. So when the opportunity came to work at Blossom, I jumped.

Having lots of experience working with suppliers and contractors of every size, from sole traders to large businesses, I have seen companies thrive and some, unfortunately fail. I truly believe that the successful companies were the ones that stayed true to their founders’ beliefs. This is something I will strive to ensure Blossom achieves.

I co-founded Blossom because all my friends were leaving for the Valley.

I’ve seen many of my engineering friends move so they can raise money from funds that get it and will back their ambitions. I’d rather they didn’t have to do that. I want to see a European fund with West Coast drive.

I wrote my first code as a six year old. I had no-idea what I was doing, but I managed to make the screen flash in different colours. I was mesmerised. It was like magic. If I put in the right incantation, I could do anything.

In my first job I found myself working as an engineer at Bloomberg, thinking about how we could improve our recruitment process. I wrote a blog post about an interview technique I’d developed called Fizzbuzz. My post unexpectedly went viral with millions of people reading it and thousands of companies adopting the approach. That was the moment I realised technology had the potential to be magical for everyone and not just engineers.

Tech enables millions of people to achieve things previously unimaginable.

In the decade since starting out I’ve built algo trading platforms, worked at early-stage startups and in venture capital. Yet every now and again I run into someone who asks me about fizzbuzz and it still makes me smile.

I want to empower founders who give their users the tools to achieve more, whether that’s in the workplace or in their daily lives.

The feeling of magic never goes away.

I joined Blossom to work with a VC that moves as fast as the startups it funds.

Much like my investments, my biggest career moves were based on strong conviction. After hearing Klarna’s lead investor describe the founding team in 2010, I instantly knew that was where I wanted to be. Fortunately they agreed.

During my time in tech sales the department grew from just two to a 50+ person team in eight different markets. I knew I had to grow faster than the organization to be able to keep up. It was an amazing, roller-coaster ride.

Since leaving Klarna I’ve focused on creating the kind of startup ecosystem I want to work in. I soon realized that many teams were going through challenges very similar to the ones I’d previously faced, so I was able to offer advice and become an active angel investor.

Some of the most impressive people I know let me invest in their companies and I couldn’t be more thankful to be a tiny part of their journey.

I know we can reach beyond the imaginable, when we challenge each other and just don’t stop.

I’m the CTO of Deliveroo and a partner at Blossom. I work at Deliveroo and co-founded Blossom because I want to build the kind of ecosystem in Europe that I want to work in. My wife and I moved to London from California and we’re building our home here. It’s important to us that we have a tech industry here in Europe that we’re excited about and proud of.

I’ve started companies, worked at small startups, and worked at big ones.

I dropped out of high school. My highest level of formal education is ninth grade. I joined my first startup when I was fifteen. I was way over my head, but I got the bug. I’ve been working in the industry ever since.

My first and favourite language is perl. There’s more than one way to do it. It matches my personality well, I think. I hate bureaucracy and form for form’s sake.

I was very lucky to join Facebook before its IPO and work on three of the most important areas of its product: privacy, ads and sharing. I managed privacy just as the US regulator was cracking down on the company. I ran ads product after the IPO, while we rebuilt the entire thing and re-accelerated revenue growth. I ran sharing product as we were competing with Snapchat. I’m used to making a difference when things are tough.

I started Blossom because I believe founders in Europe deserve better.

We all started somewhere. I spent my first two years at Goldman Sachs buying coffee for all the traders at 5am. It was 2008, I was happy to play the long-game.

I’ve always been singularly focused and I think the best entrepreneurs are too.

I fell in love with venture the first days of joining Index. I have been fortunate to learn from the very best – both the partners and all the founders I’ve worked with.

I don’t believe in taking no for an answer. Work hard for your yes. You can make the possible a reality.

I’m curious about the world. When I left Goldman Sachs I travelled to China solo so that I could witness with my own eyes the insane growth others were talking about. I’ve since visited 50 countries all over the globe, but I will always call California my second home.

I founded Alternative Ladies in Technology (ALT) because things needed to change. I wanted to take action, not just talk about it.

When I set out to build Blossom, everyone thought I was crazy, even loved ones. It didn’t make me pause – all the best ideas all sound crazy at first.

It’s a privilege to do what we do. No investor should ever take credit for the success of their founders. They should be thankful to have been a part of the journey.

Blossom wouldn’t exist without the support of all our brilliant partners and investors. I have inordinate gratitude to everyone who made this possible.