Candice Lo


Every founder has asked me if they need to move away from their home to “make it.” I’d like that in the future, no one will need to. They should stay here and thrive here. That’s why I co-founded Blossom.

I spent half my life in Hong Kong, the other half on the East Coast in the US, and my husband and I now call London home.

I started at KPMG when the market crashed. I traveled to 25 states and lost count of the number of slides I’ve made. I spent all my time meeting c-level executives and living in data rooms, but the part that excited me most was learning about the motivations of the founders. I was less excited about why they spent $500,000 on legal fees in Q3. I wanted to be in the shoes of the people running the business so I left to join Uber.

When I handed in my notice, my KPMG partner asked me what Uber was. I could never have anticipated the scale that Uber would reach. He still owes me for all those promo codes I gave him.

For five years, Uber took me all over the world. I was part of the expansion team on a mission to take Uber global. I took on China, leading expansion, recruiting and growth. By the merger, Uber was in 65 cities, the team of 800 had equal numbers of male and female hires at every level, and China was at the top of the global leaderboard.

I believe team is everything. At Uber, I worked alongside exceptional people around the world. Without them, I could not have done even close to what I’ve experienced. And at Blossom, I see the same dynamism.